Patient Testimonials

Our Marshfield, MA patients speak out on their chiropractic success with Dr. Mastando and Marshfield Chiropractic and Wellness!

Dr. Nicole has really made an impact on my health.  The adjustments don't hurt at all and now neither does my back!  Thanks, Dr. Nicole.  - A. Remis


Dr. Nicole spent a lot of time explaining why I had pain, reviewed the x-rays she took and talked me through my first adjustment.  I was initially scared, but Dr. Nicole takes great care of nervous people like me and now I get my spine checked regularly and look forward to it!  My neck doesn't hurt anymore, which is amazing.  - M. Puccio


Ideal Protein is the only diet that has ever helped me lose and keep weight off!  I lost 30 pounds, the food tasted great and the program was easy.  I recommended it to my friends and now they're losing weight, too!  -Kathy S.


I came to Dr. Nicole because my life is ruled by headaches. I am a muscular therapist you can imagine how many methods and modalities I've already tried. Dr. Nicole is knowledgeable, warm and kind. She has also educated me on what I need to do at home so that I am not dependant on her alone. I have freedom from headaches for the first time...ever!

Betty L.


I came to Dr. Nicole in April because I was suffering from low back pain anytime I did any physical work. I was also concerned about my posture. After one week and three treatments my back pain disappeared and has not returned. My posture is improved which has raised my self confidence. Dr. Nicole is so caring and professional and I have 100% confidence in her care. It is so good to finally feel great physically! I would reccomend chiropractic and Dr. Nicole to anyone who is searching for relief from pain and discomfort.

Joanne O.